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Absorption part exemplifies the uniqueness of the GOTEC Group

A special feature of the GOTEC Group is the ability to carry out customer orders ranging from the  production of raw parts plus additional coating to the assembly of components in high volumes - at 17 locations worldwide. Whether series or sample production: GOTEC supports its customers in the automotive sector exactly according to individual requirements. It is not uncommon for different materials to be combined during production.

The GOTEC Group demonstrates its cross-divisional expertise on a absorption part for the new BMW UKL platform that has gone into series production: A galvanized stamped and bent part is overmolded with a glass fiber-reinforced polyamide. An adhesive coating is then applied. Millions of this joint product are used in the new front-wheel drive architecture.

Wülfrath, Germany, 09 August 2021

GOTEC Plastics Polska starts production of key housing 

The Polish plant of GOTEC Plastics in Jastrzębie specializes in the production of plastic injection molded parts, hybrid components and subassemblies. Since 2017, the site has been supplying customers in areas such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and has established itself as an important supplier, particularly in the automotive sector.

In June of this year, another milestone was reached with the commissioning of a new production hall and five new Battenfeld injection molding machines. GOTEC Plastics manufactures two different series of key housing parts in series production using the 1K and 2K processes.
The first series was relocated from Germany to Poland in professional, logistical coordination. Preproduction and sampling went according to plan and the parts were released for series production in a very short time.

New molds were manufactured and sampled for the second series. After fine-tuning in the cross-mold shop, these could also be put into operation within 2 months.
The plant in Jastrzębie is a state-of-the-art IATF16949-certified production facility that employs around 700 people. In addition to the production of plastic parts, the focus of the Jastrzębie, Poland site is on surface coating.

Wülfrath, Germany, 14 June 2021

GOTEC acquires HÜBNERs automotive division – Expansion of Business Unit Plastics.

GOTEC is acquiring HÜBNERs automotive division. This helps consistently expanding GOTECs Business Unit Plastics in the area of injection molded components. The HÜBNER plant in Kassel and all its assets, stocks, inventories and production know-how within the automotive division will be transferred to GOTEC until April 2020.

The product portfolio includes car body components, key housings, key fields, accelerator pedals and other products typically associated with the automotive industry. To continue production smoothly and free of interruptions, the new GOTEC plant will remain in Kassel for the moment where HÜBNERs production facilities in Bettenhausen will be rented until mid-2021.

Prior to the acquisition all additional employees will receive the training needed for this new GOTEC plant. Training will be starting in January 2020 where everyone will be familiarized with the necessary technical and customer specific knowledge. Furthermore, HÜBNER will be available as a consulting partner until after the date of acquisition, specifically until June 30, 2020.

“This acquisition will extend our product spectrum and help us become an even stronger partner in the automotive industry”, says GOTEC-CEO Lars Gorschlüter. “We are glad to see that HÜBNERs former customers will continue to trust us the same way they did with HÜBNER.”
Wülfrath, Germany, 02 December 2019


GOTEC Group takes over the B&K Kunststoffwerke Group

Wülfrath, Germany – Effective 1 October 2017, the GOTEC Group is acquiring B&K Kunststoffwerke, a corporation with locations in Germany and China that specialises in high-quality plastic products and injection moulds. The acquisition will make a decisive contribution towards strengthening the GOTEC Plastics Division by adding production locations in Bonn and Breitungen (Germany) and in Taicang (China). Plans are in place to completely integrate all the business units at B&K parts into the GOTEC Plastics Division through an extensive restructuring, combined with investments in existing and new locations for global production of high-quality plastic parts within the GOTEC Group.

GOTEC Plastics specialises in the production of injection-moulded plastic parts for the electronics, automotive, mechanical-engineering, medical-technology and consumer-goods sectors. Efficient production in combination with expertise in high-quality injection moulding, elaborate special processes, gas-assist and 2-component processes in small or large series are the factors behind the success of this strategic within the GOTEC group.
B&K Kunststoffwerke has been producing high-quality plastic products and injection moulds for more than 40 years. The product portfolio ranges from special plastic mixtures and finished products for the automotive, toy and household-goods industries, to high-tech injection moulds for the company’s own production, as well as for other manufacturers of plastic products.
‘We have had points of contact with the B&K Group in our business activities in the past. As a result, we know and admire the company’s high-quality products and technically skilled employees. Our customers are increasingly interested in products and semi-finished products of this type. So, we’re very pleased to be joining forces with the employees at B&K. Together, we will make GOTEC Plastics a global and even higher-performing division’, says Lars Gorschlüter, CEO of the GOTEC Group.
Wülfrath, Germany, 22 September 2017


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